We at OMG ADZ are focused on helping you get more customers through your doors with our proven search engine optimization strategies. With many years’ experience, our local search engine optimization experts know exactly what the search engines are looking for when it comes to ranking your website. If you’ve been struggling to get noticed in local search results, or you are wondering how to get started, our friendly, professional team can help. We will ensure your small business gets the visibility you need on the top search engines, such as Google. With strategies created entirely with your specific business needs in mind, you will soon get the recognition your company deserves with our services. Ready to get started? Contact us now for your FREE initial consultation so we can explain exactly what we can do for you!


Looking to really stand out from your competitors and connect with more local customers? OMG ADZ can help. Based in Durban, South Africa we specialize in creating high quality custom built websites that will help you to expand your customer reach and give your business a prominent, professional online presence.We have worked with hundreds of companies across a wide range of industries. No matter how big or small your business, or what industry you operate in, we can create the perfect website to promote it.

With extensive years of experience, our website design experts know exactly how to create a site that will appeal to your target audience. Using the very latest web design technologies, you can be sure your new site will be visually appealing, easy to use and 100% secure.

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Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

OMG ADZ is fully experienced with all of the latest local search engine optimization tools and techniques. We work hard to get local customers to through your doors on a consistent basis.For small businesses today, it has never been more important to get noticed online. With more people than ever before using their mobile devices and desktop computers to find local businesses, you’re missing out on a massive amount of potential customers if your website is not completely and correctly optimized.

Local search engine optimization has quickly become one of the most prominent types of marketing in today’s digital world. Helping to connect you with local customers in need of your services, it is a proven way to boost profit margins.We guarantee that with the help of our friendly and dedicated team, your local business will soon get noticed in the local listings and organic search engine results.

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Video Marketing Services:

OMG ADZ creates customized videos tailored to your business needs. Our team of experts then create a digital marketing campaign which aims to promote those videos and your company to your target audience.If you’re looking to draw in new website traffic, build brand awareness and boost your search engine rankings, video marketing is exactly what you need.

With videos taking up a huge portion of consumer internet traffic, it highlights just how important this marketing method is for businesses today. However, with the massive number of videos being released online each day, it’s hard to get yours to stand out.With many years of experience, we offer a unique combination of high-definition videos, optimized video distribution, and targeted online video advertising to help your business get noticed online.

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Online Marketing Services

OMG ADZ has been providing small and large businesses with powerful digital marketing campaigns for many years. Based in Durban, South Africa we specialize in helping companies boost their return on investment by shifting ad funds from traditional methods to digital methods that actually get results.These days, it isn’t enough to launch a website and wait for traffic to start flowing in; it just doesn’t happen that way. In order to gain new customers and build up your business online, you need a good, strong digital marketing strategy in place.

It sounds pretty simple. Surely advertising online can’t be that difficult? Unfortunately, many businesses find out the hard way that there’s a lot more to digital marketing than meets the eye.There are hundreds of possibilities and moving parts within the online marketing space, and unless you are experienced with it, you need a professional team on your side.

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